Saturday Morning Kick About

  1. What a cracking morning for a kick about. About 17 degrees C, slightly overcast, and barely a breeze!

I love these mornings, especially when I’m on my bike, but a kick about in a park can be just as fun! Myself, Ethan, Dave and Mathew were undeterred by the lack of a club, or training session, so we decided to head to the local park, and make our own fun, and I must admit it was a lot of fun!

We used some mini goals, only 60cm wide, and played 2 v 2 for the whole hour, only stopping to take on water, catch our breath or switch teams. Not once did the kids moan they were tired or bored!

The games were a mixture of adults Vs children. The temptation to show off my “dad skills” was great, but what was even more enjoyable was seeing them score themselves! I’d like to say me and Dave took it easy if Ethan and Mathew, but the little nippers know what they’re doing! At one point Ethan took me completely by suprise with a very well timed slide tackle, bring me shamefully to the dirt! I’m sure he smiled a little!!

For the whole hour we didn’t really have a plan, but could have easily changed what we were doing. I guess we’ll have to be very mindful to keep things fresh, and not become lazy or complacent with any sessions we do. Some sessions will favour some players, others will shine on different days.

Doing this impromptu session with just 2 kids has really reassured myself that what we plan really isn’t a half bad idea. Dave summarised it well when he said…

“They’ve had more touches [of the ball] in 45 minutes than 6 months at their old club.”

And he was totally right. Some kids at Ethan’s old club would barely touch the ball. This wasn’t the kids fault. The players who had more confidence, speed and ability could chase the ball and be instantly more involved, but the new, less confident and inexperienced kids would be practically bystanders. The problem always was that they would plan 6v6 on a quite big pitch. That’s 12 players chasing one ball. One thing I’m keen to try is smaller, quicker matches. 2v2 and 3v3, on small pitches. With smaller teams, this gives the inexperienced players a chance to become involved instantly. The more experienced players have to get the other players involved to win the match. Anyway I’ll post about this in more detail in the future I’m sure.

So all in all a successful hour. Smiles all round, apart from my wife who wasn’t so impressed with Ethan’s less that white white shorts!


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